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About The Hosts, Gayle & Paul Sampson
Gayle wears many hats as both a multi-media artist who primarily works in silk, and a licensed independent cosmetologist (Live & Let Dye, LLC).  When not lost in one of her creative projects, she works on clients whom she refers to as 'living works of art' because she believes all of them are beautiful inside and out.  Having previously worked in the building science industry for over 10 years, her vision was to bring the most natural and ethical products and services available to her clients when she made the leap into the beauty industry over five years ago.  Seeing first-hand what exposure to the chemical soup that we live in today was doing to her clients, she combined her knowledge of science and beauty, and chose to offer the healthiest products and services available on the market today. Using this same hard-won knowledge also helped determine the products and materials used in the construction and furnishing of The Owl’s Roost. Gayle is constantly assessing each new product she offers her guests to ensure that they are held to the highest standards for product quality, safety, and commitment to our planet’s sustainability. 

Paul recently made the decision to semi-retire himself from the mechanical engineering world, who was President of NexTec Corp, and retired Air Force Reserve Lieutenant Colonel.  Much more interesting, is that Paul designed and built both the home and The Owl's Roost.  An amazing craftsman and wood worker, he also built all of the custom woodwork and much of the furniture (If it is wood, it is a good chance he made it).  If you have any questions about the furniture you see, or are interested in a custom designed piece, please feel free to ask him about it.  Paul is also an avid gardener and our guests are invited to enjoy the landscaping.  Just this past year, Paul became an Adirondack 46er (ADK 46er), climbing all 46 mountain peaks in the Adirondacks located in upstate New York.  As an avid outdoors-man, he will be happy to tell you about our local trails, climbing locations and fishing holes.
Gayle and Paul both share a deep love of traveling to new places, meeting new people, and discovering other people's cultures and food. 

We are located at 736 Jacoby Road, Xenia, OH 45385, between Yellow Springs and Xenia, OH.​

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